PROFI. Education industry solutions


Bring together buyers and suppliers of education industry equipment and software at the Main Industrial Trade Fair in Russia


Key audience – heads of industrial enterprises, leaders of development institutions, representatives of Russian Universities and colleges, corporate learning centers, heads of engineering and technical departments of Universities and professors as well as delegations from industrial regions of Russia.
Additional audience – high school students and students of technical departments at Universities and colleges. Age limit is 14+.
Unique activity programs were prepared for each of audience groups at the exhibition. The main benefit of participation in project were guided PROFI routes across all INNOPROM pavilions: education industry solutions were represented to adult participants and vocational guidance excursions were organized for young visitors.


  • Corporate Universities: production and management oriented education
  • The quality of training of engineering personnel
  • The growth of industrial enterprises staff


  1. PROFI Routes – everyday guided tours of 40-60 minutes length, during which participants of the tour cross all INNOPROM pavilions. PROFI routes are divided into adult tours and youth tours depending on the content of excursions.
    • More than 500 participants – adults, teenagers and students;
    • 200 professional participants of adult routes among enterprises, universities and colleges representatives were gathered together with the support from project’s partners;
    • More than 30 stands in 3 pavilions are included in routes, and the National German Pavilion, first of its kind at INNOPROM, has also taken part in them.
    • 7 guides serve the routes.
    • 20 Japanese students visited routes on July 13 (Japan was a Partner-country of INNOPROM-2017)
    • A 4 days long activities program in the presentation area of PROFI exposition includes:
      • Master-classes and presentations of usual and exercise equipment which is used in order to prepare technical staff.
      • HR hour at PROFI stand – daily career guidances from the leading HR enterprises and holdings (from machine-tool building to energetic ones) for students and professionals of technical specialties.
  2. Consolidated PROFI exposition is the final point of all routes. Educational and exercise equipment, training production lines facilities, soft hardware for CNC machines, laboratory and training factories inventory – joint projects of enterprises, corporate universities, educational centers, state universities and colleges will be represented within consolidated PROFI stand. Master classes performed by exhibitors and partners of the project, career consultations within HR hours will be held daily within the presentation area at PROFI stand.
  3. PROFI Business Program at INNOPROM will be held on July 11 – 12 and will be opened by the Conference of the Presidential National Council for Professional Qualifications. A big conference of HR directors of Russian plants and holdings, where participants will share their experience of using educational equipment and discuss issues of staffing support, will be a separate track. The 2018 main theme, “Corporate Universities: production and management oriented education”, will be considered in cooperation with leading corporate and state universities, their customers and those who form educational and professional standards.

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Tel.: +7 (495) 660-75-89
Project will be held: 9th to 12th July 2018